Returns to EU the world’s largest container ship

Boat world’s largest CMA CGM container Benjamin Franklin, began its journey from the port of Xiamen, southeast China to Los Angeles. With just over 398 meters (435 yards) long, it is one of the largest ships in the world. Standing on would be much larger than the Eiffel Tower.

It is also the largest container ship that has docked in US ports Built in Shanghai for the French company CMA CGM, the ship is the generation of mega ships that can load a staggering 18,000 containers on board.

“In the shipping industry, size does matter,” says Ludovic Renou, general manager of CMA CGM in southern China. The Port of Los Angeles had to be modified to accommodate the Benjamin Franklin before their scheduled arrival later this month.

But the current infrastructure still is not ready to meet the ship when fully loaded. That means that the floating giant will only be able to fill up about three quarters of its capacity. The value of the business relationship between the two countries a year, shipping companies expect large container ships as Benjamin Franklin.

“This is a test,” says Renou. “We want to show our commitment to the US route and hope that there is an understanding that the United States needs this type of boat. ”

The movement toward larger ships is an industry trend that has taken root in Asia and Europe. “Thirty of these vessels are already in use worldwide, and 75 more are on order form,” says Renou. Make a big investment in these giant ships may seem a risky strategy for an industry suffering the effects of weakening global economic growth.

In particular transport companies face challenges of economic slowdown in China and try to stay away from a dependency. But industry experts say that in reality will save money in the long term because the increase in the size – and potential benefits – far exceeds the relatively gradual increase in overheads.